The File

(An example file is given below)

The file allows each subalbum to have different properties. For example, the style for a subalbum could be different for different subalbums, as can the frame type. Most of the choices made on the BluPlusPlus tabs can be altered on a per-folder basis. The most important exceptions are the uservariables that control the various filters. To see a list of the variables that can be changed, look at the ‘hints.jap’ file in the BluPlusPlus skin folder; any variable with the prefix ‘skin.’ (except for the filter variables) can be set via a file. In addition, the ‘style’ jAlbum variable can also be controlled on a per-subalbum bases via a file.

By default, the albums generated by jAlbum at any one time (when one clicks the ‘Make album’ or ‘Rebuild all’ buttons on the jAlbum main window) are generated based on the values of the user variables specified on the various BluPlusPlus tabs, picked up by default from the ‘hints.jap’ file or obtained from a JAlbum project (.jap) file.

If no files are used, all subalbums have the same values for all user variables; thus, all subalbums will look identical. To specify that a particular subalbum is to have different variable values, place a file called ‘’ within any folder of images that are to have different user variable values. The format of this file quite straightforward (spaces before or after the ‘=’ are not permitted):


A file only needs to contain the variables whose values one wishes to change in the current subalbum. The variable names that can be changed are listed in the ‘hints.jap’ file in the BluPlusPlus skin folder; when citing the variable in a file, omit the prefix ‘skin.’

IMPORTANT NOTE: The values set by a file are inherited by all subalbums (subfolders) of the folder in which the file is placed. Therefore, if subalbums in a folder which contains a file are to be different, those subalbum’s folders must themselves contain their own file. (To reset a user variable back to the default value in a subalbum after a higher level folder has changed the value away from the default, put ‘variable_name = ’ in a file.)

A File Example

The file given below is part of the sample album. The values set in this file apply only to the subalbum of images contained in the ‘day_3’ subfolder. file in the folder ‘day_3’
style=bluish.css (see note A)

(A) The style filename is case sensitive (i.e. ‘Bluish.css’ is not the same as ‘bluish.css’)!