The File

The file is a method of implementing comments for images in which all comments for pictures within a folder are contained in a single file. Many find this easier than having separate files for each comment.

A file can be generated in many ways:

  • Use the jAlbum main window (see below) This is by far the easiest way!
  • Using a text editor to directly create the comments
  • Any other way a text file can be generated, such as being the output from a database

The format of a file

A file is a text file that consists of lines of text that end with a carriage return. The format of each line is ‘image_file_name=desired_comment’. It can be edited with any text-processor. For example, for the image shown in the screenshot, the file would have this entry:

IMG_2684.jpg=A gift from Grandma

All the comments for images within a given folder are placed in the same file.

Placement of a file

A file operates at the folder level. That is, the file must be placed in the folder of images for which one wishes to provide comments. If the comment editor built in to jAlbum’s Edit tab is used, the files are placed in the correct locations.

Using jAlbum to create a file

By using the user interface on the jAlbum Main window, one can directly enter comments for each picture and the appropriate file will be created and placed in the proper location. Follow these steps:

  • start up jAlbum and select the desired skin (BPP, of course!)
  • Navigate to the desired folder in the left panel
  • double-click on the image you wish to add/edit the comment
  • type the comment desired for the given picture into the ‘Comment’ box
  • move to the next picture using the <Back/Next> buttons
  • as you move from image to image, files are being created with the comments entered